How are Accessories Circle web pages different from companies’ own websites?
Individual websites exist individually in cyberspace but are not housed under any accessories umbrella. Accessories Circle acts as a portal for more efficient searching and connecting. An Accessories Circle page will also link to that company’s web page if they have one.

How often are pages updated?
Companies with upgraded page memberships can update their Accessories Circle page at any time with news, updated photos/linesheets/lookbooks, and new showroom or event listings to constantly keep the industry up-to-date. All members have a password so only they can go in and make changes to their page.

How is Accessories Circle searchable?
The site is searchable by keyword, company name, state, or accessories classification. All look books are password protected, so manufacturers can protect next season’s designs from competitors and consumers. Retailers and editors will have full access.
What is a keyword?
Companies with upgraded pages will tag their page with specific keywords such as “leather,” “silver,” “satin,” “headbands,” “pearls,” “PVC,” etc. These will help searching retailers and editors drill down even deeper within accessories classification pages to find what they need. It's always wise to enter all category variations to maximize searches within your classifications (i.e. "handbags" and "purses;" "semiprecious" and "semi-precious;" "sun," "sunwear," "sunglasses" and "eyewear").

What is ‘My Circle’ and how do I create it?
As you browse and search Accessories Circle, you will want to start narrowing down your findings to best suit your needs. With the My Circle bookmarking tool, you can “save” pages that catch your eye that you frequently want to revisit (i.e. certain designers/manufacturers, reps, associations, agencies, suppliers, etc.). As you build your Circle, you can connect that much quicker with companies that will help you grow your business.

What is the News Flash section on each page?
Each page has a News Flash blurb that functions as a “status update.” This is where a company can announce a new showroom, new line or license, party during market week, offer market discounts, etc.

Can consumers visit Accessories Circle?
Of course, and through our extensive web marketing and social media efforts, more and more consumers are discovering the site every day. While Accessories Circle is currently not set up for e-commerce, members can always post a link to their e-commerce site on their upgraded Circle page. Consumers will not be able to access password-protected look books, which often feature future releases, style #’s and wholesale prices.

How do I make changes to update my page?
Go to AccessoriesCircle.com/accounts. Log in with your user email and password, which you received when you joined (if you misplaced this info, your sales rep can resend it to you). Once logged in, click on the section you'd like to make changes to (i.e. BIO, SHOWS & EVENTS, PRESS, LOOK BOOKS). Then make any text changes you'd like, or upload any new photos.  Make sure to press SAVE at the bottom to save any changes.

So how do I join the Circle?
Click here